This page has not been updated since December 2013.

This page is dedicated to the highlights, and the messups from the shows! Enjoy!

Here's my number, So... - 11th Dec 2013

...Call me maybe?

The Request Show, With Ben and Joe - 14th August

In this clip, Ben thinks he can do Joe's job driving the desk, So we let him have a go...

The Request Show, With Ben and Joe - 10th July

There are a couple of highlights from this show. First of was our new feature, "The Bob Marley 2 Minuite-Something Takeover". The other is Ben just, well being Ben!

So we launced our new feature in this show, check it out! Be warned. This features a very cheesy jingle that we made in 30 seconds during the show just before this feature, but it turned out well!

And in this one, Ben somehow manages to get Steps and S Club 7 mixed up in this clip.

Our First Show

A personal highlight from this weeks show was the weather update. The British weather summed up live on air in seven seconds, perfect.